Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to improve the beauty of your smile. Yet you want to ensure the safety of your pearly whites by choosing your dental professionals at Bagoff Dental Arts for professional teeth whitening. We use gentle whitening methods that are proven effective by the American Dental Association. Discover why you should consider teeth whitening for enhancing your beautiful smile.
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Teeth Whitening Q&A

Why Should I Use Teeth Whitening?

The foods, beverages, and habits we have, such as smoking cigarettes, have a negative effect on the color of our teeth. If you drink coffee or wine regularly, for example, your teeth are most likely stained by these beverages. The natural aging process can cause individuals to have dingy or stained teeth over time. Additionally, certain medications including oral applications of medications for gum disease can stain teeth. To remove the stains we suggest professional teeth whitening.

What Does Teeth Bleaching Do to Teeth?

By using teeth whitening procedures you can take away the stains and discolorations that make your teeth look dirty or unhealthy. Keep in mind that not all teeth whitening kits are safe for all people. That’s why we offer professional teeth whitening services here at Bagoff Dental Arts. Your dentist is able to bleach your teeth using professional grade treatments for more rapid whitening.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe to Do?

This is a tricky question because it can be safe if done by a professional or via a tooth whitening system that is evaluated by dental professionals. For example, some of the whitening methods you will find over the counter may have too much of the bleaching or abrasion chemicals. This could lead to destruction and damage to your tooth enamel. As we know once you lose your tooth enamel this cannot be replaced. Therefore we suggest using only a professional tooth whitening process to ensure the safety of your teeth.

Getting My Teeth Whitened in West Orange

If you are ready to get your teeth whitened in West Orange we offer professional tooth whitening systems. For example, you can utilize Glo Whitening via Bagoff Dental Arts. This tooth whitening system is one of the most effective, and safest, available. We offer in-office and at-home solutions to best accommodate your busy lifestyle. To learn more about Glo Whitening contact Bagoff Dental Arts to schedule a tooth whitening appointment.

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