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What are Dental Implants? 

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Dental implants are tooth roots that are implanted into the gums. These are put into place to replace the tooth roots that are damaged or destroyed due to gum disease, decay, infection, or trauma. When the dental implants are put in they create a strong foundation for the use of dentures or permanently implanted teeth. Dental implants are fused into your jawbone and gums to create the strongest hold for any tooth replacements.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants From Bagoff & Levenbrook Dental Arts?

Dental implants available at Bagoff & Levenbrook Dental Arts allow you to improve your overall oral health. You will have an improved appearance with the use of dental implants since they are fused with your jawbone. This will also help you with your speech since you aren’t concerned with slipping dentures. Additionally you won’t have to deal with removable dentures that can be a hassle when eating.

Why Should I Choose Implants?

For patients who are interested in dental replacements, dental implants offer the longest lasting solution. They also provide improved oral health since you aren’t dealing with slippage and gum damage due to removable dentures. Dental implants also improve wearer’s self confidence as they look and work like natural dental roots.

Tooth Replacement Options Using Dental Implants

Replace One Tooth dental implants West Orange, NJ

Replace One Tooth 

When you have one tooth missing, a single implant is inserted into the bone to replace the root part of that tooth; a crown then goes on top to simulate an actual tooth. This treatment choice has the highest success rate, making it the best long-term investment for replacing a single missing tooth. Even if the initial cost is slightly higher than other options, it is the most cost-effective solution over time. An implant will never decay or need root canal treatment, and feels just like the tooth that was there.

Replace Multiple Teeth dental implants West Orange, NJ

Replace Multiple Teeth 

When you have more than one tooth missing, implants provide an ideal replacement mechanism. You don’t even need one implant for every missing tooth. Instead, implant teeth can act as supports for fixed bridgework. For example, if you are missing three teeth in a row, we can place two implants, one on either side of the gap, and a crown in between that has no implant underneath. That way, you won’t need to use any of your remaining natural teeth as bridge supports, which could weaken them and make them more susceptible to decay.

Replace All Teeth Permanently dental implants West Orange, NJ

Replace All Teeth Permanently 

Implants can support an entire arch of upper or lower replacement teeth that are fixed into the mouth and are never removed. Sometimes the new teeth can be supported by as few as 4 implants. It’s comparable to the structure of a table, which only needs 4 legs to hold it up. In cases where jawbone density and volume have deteriorated, 5 or 6 implants might be needed to support a row of 10 to 12 teeth. Dental implant replacement teeth protect your jawbone, won’t slip, and should last a lifetime.

Removable Dentures supported by dental implants West Orange, NJ

Support Removable Dentures 

Dental implants can even make removable dentures more comfortable, effective and healthier to wear. Traditional dentures rest on the gums and put pressure on the underlying bone. This accelerates bone loss so that the jaw shrinks and the dentures slip, particularly on the bottom. But today dentists can attach a removable denture onto implants, transferring that pressure into the bone structure rather than the bone surface. This prevents the dentures from slipping while you eat and speak, and preserves the bone directly beneath them.

Discover Dental Implants in West Orange, NJ

At Bagoff & Levenbrook Dental Arts we are your leading dental provider for dental implants in West Orange, NJ. It is our mission to help you improve your overall oral health and physical wellness. By choosing dental implants as part of your tooth replacement process you are taking great strides in benefiting your health and wellness. Contact Bagoff & Levenbrook Dental Arts today to schedule an appointment with our dentists for implants. We look forward to helping you improve the feel and design of your dental replacements with the use of dental implants.

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