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While most of us aren’t born with the perfect set of teeth, this doesn’t mean that we have to spend our lives hiding our smiles from those around us. After all, our smiles are one of the most important and visible features we have. So, having a smile that is as close to your ideal smile as possible is paramount. Our cosmetic dental team here at Bagoff & Levenbrook Dental Arts works with you to create your ideal smile with dental veneers. 

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are thin shells often made from porcelain that are made to look like tooth enamel. This enamel-like porcelain shell is then bonded permanently to the front of your teeth to reshape, resize and whiten your smile. Veneers can be used to hide a variety of imperfections, from discolorations and misshapen teeth to chips, gaps between teeth and even crookedness.

This cosmetic treatment is popular among celebrities, because it provides a simple but effective way to get the perfect smile without having to wear braces or go through more intensive dental procedures. If you are ready to get a smile like they have on the big screen or in magazines, then dental veneers may be the ideal solution for achieving it.

What Is The Process Like For getting veneers?

First, you will need to come to our West Orange, NJ dental office so that our dental team can examine your smile. We want to make sure that your smile is healthy enough for cosmetic treatment. We will also sit down with you to discuss your treatment goals to make sure that veneers are the right option for you. photo of Before and after results Veneers West Orange, NJ

From there, we will map out your treatment plan. During the planning and prepping phase we will first need to remove a small amount of enamel from the front of your teeth that are receiving veneers. Some people choose to get veneers on only the teeth that have visible imperfections, while others may choose to get veneers on all teeth that are visible when they smile. The choice is up to you.

Once the enamel is removed from the front of your teeth, we will take impressions of your mouth. These impressions help the dental lab create veneers that are perfectly fitted to your teeth. While your veneers are being made, our West Orange dentists may place temporary veneers over the teeth to protect them.

Fitting Your New Veneers

In about 3-4 weeks you’ll come back to Bagoff & Levenbrook Dental Arts for a fitting. We will remove the temporary veneers and then temporarily apply the permanent veneers to check the fit and bite. If everything looks good and you’re happy with your new smile, then we will bond the veneers permanently to the front of your teeth. The whole process can be completed in two visits.

Dental Veneers hide imperfections and transform the color, size, shape, and alignment of your teeth. 
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