Other Testimonials

“Always available!”

Dr B always available and does great work. I chipped my front tooth, it now looks perfect and undetectable.

Jeffrey Edelman

“I would strongly recommend this practice!”

I would strongly recommend this practice for everyone from the professionalism of the office staff in making an appointment thru the entire appointment. Everyone makes you feel very comfortable and cared for. Dr. Bagoff is completely meticulous with your entire appointment doesn’t leave a tooth unturned completely explains every step of the way and photographs the complete procedure before and after so you totally can see and understand everything. Good Humor as well.

Roberta Derdzikowski

“A fun time visiting old friends!”

Going to Dr. Bagoff’s office always feels like a fun time visiting old friends … who just happen to provide the very best dental care!

Jana Cardoza

“Meeting Dr. Bagoff has changed my life!”

Meeting Dr. Bagoff has changed my life; he took a very nervous person who was on the verge of a panic attack just walking in the door demand helped me to handle my fears. It’s not just Dr. B it’s his whole staff. Starting with some serious gum issues, Monica started me on my path to better health doing a deep cleaning with lots of care and compassion. After my gums improved Dr B worked out a plan to replace problem area with Nobel implants. That started off with a cat-scan for the planning. When he went over the scan and found a growth in my jaw that other dentists missed. Know my fear of needles and doctors he went ahead and set me up with a great surgeon and they worked together to remove the growth. It would have destroyed my jaw bone if not corrected. I now have 4 implants in my upper jaw and the bottom is still a work in progress. I could keep writing more accolades but this would turn into a book. The real story is I can now sleep the night before an appointment and stay relaxed in the chair knowing I am in good hands. I have a healthy mouth, with teeth and I don’t have to hide. Thank you to the entire staff, Dr. B, Monica, Erica, and Michelle, they are the A team in my mind.

Phil Michels

“Thank you for giving me back the smile that I lost so many years ago!”

I was recommended to Dr. Bagoff by my son, who had just become a dentist himself, and truly believed that Dr. Bagoff was the “Best Dentist” he has ever met, and would be the dentist to change my life… He was right…!! After many years of neglecting my teeth, due to the “dental phobia” I developed because of my horrible childhood experiences, the result was many missing teeth and bone loss. I had to wear an embarrassing removable, uncomfortable bridge. From the moment I met Dr. Bagoff, he completely made me feel at ease, reassuring me that he would make sure I didn’t feel any pain.I had extensive work down, due to those years of neglect, but I must tell you that with every procedure (and I had many!) Dr. Bagoff’s number one concern always seemed to be for my comfort. He was so kind and compassionate, and yes, I was always comfortable, and never felt any pain!!!Thank you, Dr. Bagoff, for giving me back the smile that I lost so many years ago.

Lynn Travan


Dr. Robert Bagoff is a great dentist with amazing skills and abilities. His bedside manner and sense of humor make the visit a pleasant experience. Painless! The staff does a great job too!”

Robert Ross

“Dr. Bagoff, from 1 to 100 is 2,475!”

Dr. Bagoff – Exceptional person, and an even more exceptional dentist. He is the best in the whole universe. His crew are very, very, very professional and kind all of the time. My personal score of Dr. Bagoff, from 1 to 100 is 2,475.

Dr. Gaetano D’Agostino (Italy)

“I have the highest level of confidence in Dr. Bagoff!”

As a patient and as someone who works in the Dental Industry; Having Dr. Bagoff as my personal Dentist not only meets, but exceeds all of my high-level dental expectations. Dr. Bagoff uses the best in class equipment and materials. I have the highest level of confidence in Dr. Bagoff and all of the procedures he conducts, especially since he is on staff at both NYU Dental School and the Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in NJ. I refer all of my family and friends to Dr. Bagoff.

Jeffrey Kesting

“My smile is brighter because of Dr. B!”

 You just won’t find a better dentist anywhere! He honestly has the best bedside manner and is a wealth of information. My smile is brighter all because of Dr. B!

Adam J. Wilson

“They’re always there to help!”

 I love Dr. Bagoff and all of the staff! For a regular appointment or an emergency, they’re always there to help!

Debbie Vogel

“If it’s broken, he can fix it!”

 I have been coming here for 28 years, and he’s one of the best! I just love my smile. If it’s broken, he can fix it!

Elglee Bradley

“He explains everything!”

 Dr. Bagoff is compassionate, caring, skillful, very dedicated, and he explains everything as he performs whatever procedure is necessary.

Cheryl Edelman

“Friendly staff, great Dentist!”

 Dr. Bagoff is very kind and funny. He is always on-time and his office provides a great environment for dental care. Overall, he is a great dentist with a very friendly staff!

Rebecca Watson