Your Renewed Smile Is a Consultation Away

Your Renewed Smile Is a Consultation Away


A little long in the root? Some dark staining, a chip or two here and there, some wear spots?  These are all-natural occurrences as we age. But wait, an upgrade to your existing smile is only a consultation away.

Sometimes whitening will do the trick, conservative orthodontic treatment (not just for the kids), maybe a routine hygiene visit, and in some cases, porcelain veneers will be right for you. Come in and we can review the options.  

Today, let’s open the discussion by introducing you to Dental Veneers (also known as Porcelain Laminates). Dental veneers are widely used to improve the appearance of front teeth and are a much more conservative option than a full dental crown. Veneers can be used to improve the appearance of staining, large gaps, large fillings, chipped teeth, or overall shape. Veneers are a thin covering over the front and biting end of the tooth used to restore the beauty of a smile. Over the years, BAGOFF DENTAL ARTS have helped many patients who opted for veneers and who now have the confidence to smile again. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Bagoff in West Orange, NJ for a consultation.

Dental veneers are made in a lab from long-lasting porcelain materials. The shade can be chosen as a desirable color to whiten the appearance of your smile. Dental veneers are usually placed on the anterior, or front teeth, where the chewing forces are not as hard as the back teeth. The process of placing veneers is comfortable, requiring only a few dental appointments.

The first appointment is to prepare the teeth and take an impression to be sent to a lab to fabricate the veneers. Veneers in some cases can be fairly conservative in the preparation as it requires a small amount of space to be created on the face (front), bottom, and sides of each tooth to allow space for the veneer to be placed and look natural. You will leave the office with temporary veneers for the next week or two while the permanent veneers are being crafted by a laboratory artist.

The second appointment is to place the veneers and make minor adjustments if needed. What a difference it makes in the appearance of the teeth! If you’re interested in learning more, give Dr. Robert Bagoff of Bagoff Dental Arts a call today! Call (973) 325-9000 for their office in West Orange, NJ.