Safely Taking Care of Your Smile

Safely Taking Care of Your Smile

Your health is our top priority. Here’s how we are keeping our patients safe during this time.

We know that the last few months have been extremely challenging. The pandemic has certainly shifted the way we live our lives; however, as things start to reopen it’s important to understand that our West Orange dentist Dr. Robert Bagoff is committed to your health and are implementing proper safety precautions to make sure that you feel comfortable and safe the next time you come into their office.

Don’t put off that much-needed dental cleaning out of fear. We are here to give you peace of mind about your next trip to your West Orange dentist. Here’s how we’ve revamped our office to accommodate these changes to keep you and your family safe:

  • We are keeping the air in the office clean of airborne particles by using a UV-C/HEPA air cleaning system that disinfects about 99.97 percent of dust and allergens, as well as molds and germs. So, whether you are concerned about the spread of coronavirus or these warmer months have you battling allergies, know that you’ll be safe in our office.
  • Appointments are now designed to allow for proper social distancing practices. This means that we may have fewer appointments until the near future because we want there to be enough distance between patients to keep everyone healthy and safe.
  • You may want to bring your own toys for your child to play with or a book with you while you wait, as our waiting area will no longer have these items. We know that these items can be handled by many people throughout the day. To reduce the potential for germ spreading, we’ve removed these items for now.
  • If you are dealing with any respiratory symptoms like dry cough, sore throat, or chest congestion please cancel or reschedule your appointment. We want to minimize exposure to anyone that is or could be sick. Also, if you’ve been exposed to someone who tested positive for Covid-19 then you should always wait several weeks before scheduling an appointment with us.

Wonder what else we are doing to keep you safe? Along with these changes you’ll also find other practices that we have implemented within the office to ensure that patients are completely comfortable. Your health is the most important thing for us.

If you have questions about the services we offer or the strategies our West Orange dentist has implemented to keep everyone safe, do not hesitate to call Bagoff Dental Arts at (973) 325-9000. Dr. Robert Bagoff is here to help you stay safe during this time.